Frustrated by Customer Care? Learn How to Fight Back!

We all wish we could live in an ideal world were customer care representatives were always helpful, the help center menu was easy to navigate and waiting in line was a thing of the past. Regretfully, this is not the case most of the time, and so to survive conflict resolution when it comes to issues with the product or service you have purchased, we have compiled the best tips for dealing with customer service.

Avoid hold time or reduce it substantially

There are many secrets regular users don’t know when dealing with customer care, and those include such simple solutions as attempting to press 0 or # when asked to choose an option during the beginning of the call. The option might not be outright mentioned to avoid higher flows of calls to their representatives, but it might still be available for those who are aware of this little trick. You can also attempt to communicate with the sales department as it will get you speaking to a representative far sooner, and though they might not be able to solve your problem, they might transfer you faster than you’d usually have to wait anyways. There are also websites that allow people to request a call from a specific company by introducing their number and your own information: It will call you back when a rep comes on the line. If a chat option is available, it could be your ticket to escape long calls and frustrating holding music by merely avoiding them all together: You not only usually get a faster reply, but it also results in you having access to a transcript from the entire exchange. Another positive aspect of chatting with a rep is that the employees selected for these tasks are usually more experienced and hold greater decision-making authority, since there is available evidence of what they did and did not say to the customer.

Be polite

It sounds obvious, doesnt it? But sometimes it is easier said than done: When customers experience troubles, they might be feeling frustrated or even angry, and tend to lash out at the reps on the other side of the line. The keyword here is empathy: Remember a real human being is answering your call, and if you show them kindness and patience, they might be more inclined to offer you a better service in a timely manner.

Remember your rights

Customers have rights just as companies have legal obligations: When dealing with customer representatives, relying on logic instead of emotions might be the best way to go. If they change the terms of agreement during the middle of the contract, you can probably get at least a discount. If a service they are delivering fails to meet the mark (for instance, when your internet doesn’t work) you can ask them not to charge you for the days you remained without adequate coverage.

Customer retention may be your best ally

When dealing with customer care reps, sometimes their hands really are tied. Maybe you built a good rapport with them, and you are on the right, but the rules they are instructed to follow simply do not allow them to help you in the way you need them to. This is when the customer retention area might come to your rescue: Most companies prefer not to let their customers go since it’s far more costly to attract a new user than keep an old one around, and so they are encouraged to offer better deals than a regular rep. Even if you end up canceling the service altogether due to their refusal to find a middle ground, these agents are usually instructed to offer better deals after cancellations are finalized, sometimes even during the same call!

Use social media to your advantage

Most companies monitor social media and search for keywords involving their services and products, to avoid a solvable problem escalating and going public. Telling your facebook or twitter followers and friends about your issues might earn you a faster solution. Seeking outside help can also help you resolve your problems with a particular company if all other bridges are burnt: You can file a complaint at Consumer Finance US for the US based companies and at INGRAM for Indian companies. These government agencies will work as a middle ground between the two parties.


The best advice that we can offer you is to try not to lose your temper and look at the situation rationally. Dealing with customer care doesn’t need to be a nightmare: Most of the time, if your claim is coherent and you had a problem with the product you purchased or service you hired, you will find a solution with a little patience and a few of these useful tips!

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