The London Coliseum Theatre

london-1To bask in the beauty of fine Art displayed in luxury, style and richness visit the London Coliseum Theatre. This opera house makes the largest and most sophisticated theatres in the entire city. It is magnificent in style and its performances are designed solely for the sophisticated Art lover. So explore this attraction in the city and taste the finest of performing Arts.
This spectacular performing venue is located on St Martins Lane that sits on the heart of London. Opened in 1904, it boasts an essence of history. Its rich architecture stands proof to its glory. Designed by the famous theatrical architect F. Matcham the theatre boasts all the rich features apparent in any first class venue for performing arts. It was the first theatre to have electric lighting and boasts the widest proscenium arch and also has a sophisticated revolving stage, much above its time. It is certainly one place that stands true to the vision of its pioneers; to be the finest and largest Palace of entertainment. Even today this statement cannot be doubted. The Coliseum Theatre is

Author Jackie Collins kept quiet on cancer days before her death

collins21n-1-webJackie Collins appeared to be fine at her last public appearance in London — even though it was just nine days before her death after a six-year battle with breast cancer.

The best-selling, 77-year-old author flew from Los Angeles to London for a spot on the TV chat show “Loose Women,” in which she talked about how she liked a “proper English cup of tea” with scones on the British Airways flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

Collins told the four hosts she wanted to coax Angelina Jolie to play the leading role in a movie adaptation of her latest novel, “The Santangelos.” The prolific writer also discussed her “research” about sexual positions highlighted in her “bonkbuster” tomes.

During the interview, Collins let viewers know that she was writing another book and had finished half of her autobiography.


“It’s called ‘Reform School or Hollywood,’ ” she said. “One day, I’m writing that, and the next I’m novel-writing.”

One of her daughters started reading the memoir and said it was like going through one of her famed novels, Collins said. Over

London Fashion Week 2015 Vivienne Westwood’s style and substance does not overwhelm her clothing for once

Photos-Vivienne-Westwood-Red-Label-Autumn-Winter-2011-London-Fashion-Week-2011-02-21-021640Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. London Fashion Week is nothing if not a marriage of opposites, where a packed schedule juxtaposes fresh talent with old-timers, commercial juggernauts with penny-pinching start-ups, and originality with rehash.

The latter characterises the Topshop show: the borrowed bit of that marital equation . But not necessarily in a bad way. Topshop is about commerce, first and foremost, about shifting lots of product to lots of people, even in the high-end line the brand labels “Unique”. It’s nothing of the sort, this time citing an heirloom feel that smacks of the new approach of Alessandro Michele-lead Gucci (themselves slated to show on Wednesday, when the fashion action shifts to Milan).

The clothes themselves were familiar, with their slithery lingerie-look silk dresses and pyjama jackets, patterned with porcelain prints in an unexpected but not especially remarkable collaboration with Westwood. Marabou-frothed mules were another obvious boudoir touch – more Fredericks of Hollywood than Madame de Pompadour, you could nevertheless imagine girls wearing them if they

Tips for Buying Asian Groceries Online

Asian cuisine has developed and evolved over the course of thousands of years, and now it’s become one of the most popular foods worldwide. It can be difficult to find ingredients for Asian food, depending on where you live. Luckily, an emergence of online Asian grocery stores over the past few years has made it easier than ever to create a perfect Asian dish.

Whether it’s a unique Japanese desert, Vietnamese curry or you’re simply looking to experiment with Asian cuisine for the first time, online Asian grocery stores will have the ingredients. With these three tips for shopping online for Asian groceries, you’ll feel more confident about dipping a toe or two into somewhat unfamiliar waters.

Go Fresh

An excellent reason to explore online grocery shopping is the huge variety of fresh versions of ingredients on offer that you’re used to buying prepackaged, like tofu, curry paste and varieties of noodles. You can also find fresh spices like turmeric, kaffir lime leaves and curry leaves. Will it really be fresh? Yes, if you find a local online supplier. Typically, they offer to deliver perishable fresh and frozen goods to addresses within a

Enjoy Indian TV Channels Live in New Zealand


Television has become a necessity in every household, urban or rural. The various channels available today provide us with entertainment, sports, news and even educational programs. As such, the influence of these TV channels is all prevalent in our daily lives. We have progressed from watching channels broadcast from state owned stations and cable networks to the more recent technological advancement of DTH. These changes have also brought more freedom and choice to the Indian viewer in terms of the number of channels available. India has more than 500 different channels that air all over the country. Regional channels have a major share in this number as the customs and language vary from state to state these channels enjoy a good market share. Indian TV channels are primarily more focused on entertainment and news which is proved, as they are the channels with high viewership ratings. The prominence of religious channels too, is slowly increasing in our country with is a melting pot for many religions.

Indian TV has come a long way from merely broadcasting programs that covey information, to uncovering

The Different Types Of Internet Services Available For Homes

With the advancement of technology and the need to go faster than fastest has propelled a number of internet connection technologies to be developed. Currently there lie two broad categories of Internet connections, the Broadband and the Dial-up. As you must be already aware of, Dial-up services are much slower compared to any of the broadband technologies and at the same time they also come for much cheaper price. However, they still exist and they also have a customer base. The other different types of Internet services, with which we are quite familiar, like satellite, DSL, cable and fiber optic all comes under the broadband category. Here is a brief discussion on these types,

DSL: DSL can be identified as the Internet service that reached Indian market as advancement to the Dial-up connections. Digital Subscriber Line connections operate through the normal telephone line, just like the dial up service and the speed can vary according to your service provider. One of the primary advantages of DSL connections is their cheap cost while the speed and the reliability of the service stand as the major cons.

Cable broadband: Cable broadband services are typically provided by your cable television service provider and it uses

Kanye West’s last minute NYFW show angers designers

he star added a last-minute show to NYFW to present his Kanye West X Adidas Originals Collection on Wednesday — which did not endear him to some other designers. Anne Bowen told Women’s Wear Daily that the move left her scrambling for other plans to launch her streetwear collection, Nomad VII by Anne Bowen, as her showing was booked as the same time as West’s.

“We have been prepping for a year for this at considerable financial, labor- and commitment-cost to our company,” Bowen said. “Our show date has been scheduled for months and has been on the Fashion Calendar for weeks. We went through all the proper channels to make this a reality.”

West is often known to make a splash, and Bowen called him out for using his celeb status to make the bold move with the seemingly impromptu show.

“Kanye knows he is a media sensation and it is just not ethical to do this,” said Bowen, who moved her show to Thursday and lodged a complaint with the Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Calendar. “It’s like we are David and he is Goliath. We have put our heart and soul into our show, and should not be

Still obsessed with ‘Goodfellas,’ 25 years later

(CNN)There’s a scene in season one of “The Sopranos” that thrills diehard fans of the film “Goodfellas.”

In it, Michael Imperioli, as mobster Christopher Moltisanti, shoots a bakery employee in the foot after a profanity-laced tirade — and then deadpans, “It happens.”

The scene is a tribute to “Goodfellas,” in which Imperioli’s character, Spider, is famously shot in the foot by Joe Pesci’s mobster, Tommy DeVito.

It was one scene among many that made the film an enduring classic. (You can probably recite a few.) And yet hardly anyone knew when the Martin Scorsese-directed film was released on September 19, 1990, it would become as renowned as it is. The film was nominated for six Oscars, with Pesci winning best supporting actor.

Scorsese was coming off the tumultuous “The Last Temptation of Christ,” which probably earned more press for the protests it inspired than the box office it generated. He’d made good films in the ’80s — “After Hours” and “The Color of Money” among them — but few predicted a return to the crackle of such classics as “Taxi Driver” and “Raging Bull.”

Based on the book “Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family” by Nicholas Pileggi, the movie recounts the exploits of real-life mobster

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